Chief Master Sergeant

Gean Alston


Senior Airman

Herb Hunt


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Ken Gary


Technical Sergeant

Kenneth Vernon


We appreciate all our fellow Veterans!!

Thanks to you and your family for the service and sacrifice.

Chief Master Sergeant

Ron Mack


No Chains includes veterans of the United States Armed Forces with 117 years of combined service.  Having spent over a combined century in the military, the Washington DC based group have experienced firsthand the struggles, hardships, and sorrows that bind people worldwide.  No Chains strongly believes that these seemingly unbreakable strongholds can only be shattered through the acceptance of and trust in Jesus Christ.

No Chains was formed in 2012 by Kenny Vernon and Gean Alston.  Along with Gean and Kenny, No Chains currently includes Herb Hunt, Ken Gary, and Ron Mack. They are dedicated men of God with a thirst for His word and passionate love for His people.